California Tortilla,

We are California Tortilla and we are Mexican Re-Imagined. From the ingredients, to the preparation, to customer service, we’ve re-imagined them all to transform a “quick bite” into a mouth-watering, crave-inducing, I can’t wait to come back experience.

Guests aren’t a number at Cal Tort. They are individuals… people, and people that we really like and want to see again. From the time you walk in the restaurant to the moment you leave, we will do whatever we can to make your time with us great. Smiles, questions answered, menu suggestions offered and warm genuine service. And expect to have some fun. From promotions like pop-tart day, to the Monday Night Wheel and Burrito Elito rewards, we keep things interesting.

We are California Tortilla and we invite you to experience Mexican Re-Imagined.