09.19.2016 Tap Into | Township of Livingston Welcomes Porto by Antonio and Rowma Prestige; Celebrates Construct
By Danielle Santola

LIVINGSTON, NJ — This summer, the Township of Livingston welcomed new businesses, including Porto by Antonio and Rowma Prestige, and looks forward to welcoming multiple businesses in the coming months, including the Container Store, Blaze Pizza, Shake Shack and a drive-through Starbucks Coffee.

In the past week, the Township of Livingston hosted celebratory ribbon cuttings at Porto by Antonio, a restaurant at 471 West Mt. Pleasant Avenue introducing a fresh, new style of pizza to Livingston and Rowma Prestige, introducing stylish European fashions on S. Livingston Avenue.

Livingston Mayor Al Anthony was on hand throughout the week to welcome the two businesses to the township and express his enthusiasm about the four national retailers coming to the Livingston Circle—the Container Store, Shake Shack, Starbucks Coffee and Blaze Pizza.

“This is a project that I’ve been involved with on the Planning Board as well as on the council,” Anthony said about the construction at the Livingston Circle. “I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses and how it’s going to provide new shopping and dining opportunities for residents.”

Sabre Real Estate Group LLC and Saber Real Estate Advisors, LLC, announced earlier this year that a new shopping center, located at the Route 10 retail corridor in Livingston, will soon break ground after four years of planning and the signing of leases with a major retailer and three national restaurant chains.

The Corner at Livingston Circle will soon become a 41,000-square-foot retail center currently being built near the intersection of Route 10 and Eisenhower Parkway in Livingston.

The Container Store, the nation's original retailer of storage and organization products, will be the anchor tenant. Blaze Pizza, a chain that serves made-to-order “custom built” pies, will be placed at “the Corner at Livingston Circle” in addition to the highly anticipated Shake Shack.

On Sept. 6, the township hosted a celebratory ribbon cutting for the recently opened Rowma Prestige at 260 S. Livingston Avenue. According to co-owners Ron Heineman and Albert Haddad, the town has been extremely supportive since its grand opening earlier this month.

“I’m new in the area, but I can see so far that it’s a very welcoming community,” said Rowma saleswoman Carmen Rodriguez, who was echoed by her colleague Amanda Arcure. “Everyone stops by and wishes us well and comments on the beautiful merchandise. I’m really looking forward to being part of this family.”

“Our specialty is that we don’t have many things in quantity—very few, less than three—so not everybody is wearing the same thing walking around,” said Rowma Prestige Store Manager Sara Ban. “We pick out what not a lot of department stores have, so it’s very ‘one of a kind’ and not easy to find around this neighborhood.”

According to Ban, the retail store features mostly European fashions, including merchandise from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, France and more. Although Rowma Prestige also offers casual clothing, the boutique prides itself on its nicer European, up-scale clothing.

“We found that the town needed a boutique that elevated the people’s taste,” said Rowma co-owner Ron Heineman. “We think we can have the people wearing more up-scale clothing and we’re here to present it and answer any questions people have. We’re hoping people come in and browse and enjoy seeing some of the newer fashions.”

Earlier in the week, the township also officially welcomed Porto by Antonio, a bring-your-own restaurant in Livingston that opened earlier this year. At the request of customers who have already become Porto regulars, co-owners Antonio Dinis and Pedro Gomes will soon be offering delivery options.

“I’m excited about welcoming Porto given their quality and past success in their other location,” said Anthony. “Pedro is not only starting a business in Livingston but has recently become a Livingston resident, which is great.”